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imagine how you can "taste the beauty of the world" without a healthy body and a clear soul. Therefore, a green and environmentally friendly home environment is of great importance to us. To some extent, advocating taste is inseparable from environmental protection and health, and it is also an interpretation of the essence of life

in the future, the core of the inevitable trend of the development of the energy-saving door and window industry will be the leadership of energy conservation and environmental protection intelligence. Energy conservation and environmental protection will promote us to a new, safer and more convenient lifestyle. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the strategy of purchasing energy-saving doors and windows

glass types of windows: pay attention to the effect of thermal insulation

energy saving glass windows can generally be divided into heat absorbing glass, insulating glass and heat reflecting glass from the material

generally speaking, in severe cold areas, try to choose insulating glass, which mainly controls heat conduction and can play a good heat insulation effect; In hot summer and cold winter or hot summer and warm winter areas, it is recommended to choose heat absorbing glass and heat reflecting glass, try to control the solar energy entering the room and control the room temperature, so as to reduce the air conditioning load and achieve the purpose of energy saving

selected accessories: have an impact on the energy-saving effect of doors and windows

if you want to have energy-saving windows with good performance, the accessories can't be sloppy at all. You must choose high-quality metal hardware, preferably imported from Germany. At the same time, the opening method of the window also has a great impact on the energy-saving performance. You should choose the appropriate opening method according to your own needs

window hardware selection: high quality metal is king

the hardware of high-end windows are made of metal, and their internal strength, appearance and usability directly affect the performance of windows. Many middle and low-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows use plastic hardware and inferior metal accessories, which have great hidden dangers in quality and life. Hardware mainly identifies its flexibility, tightness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, while accessories mainly consider the components placed in the profile cavity. For aluminum alloy steel windows, five German made accessories should be selected as good accessories, with guaranteed quality and durability

opening methods of windows: each has its advantages and disadvantages

the common opening methods of doors and windows are divided into four types: sliding windows, casement windows, casement upper hung windows, and shooting windows. Different windows have their own advantages and disadvantages

sliding window: the window is pushed and pulled left and right or up and down along the track. Casement window: it is a traditional window type with the widest range of applications, including internal opening and external opening. Open the upper hung window horizontally: select the closing of the door and window by turning the handle, open it horizontally inward and hang the top inward, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing, ventilation, proper ventilation and theft prevention. Shooting window: the structure of shooting window is similar to that of casement window, but the installation position of hinge (hinge) is different, and it is installed on the top

hanging opening of energy-saving windows is the best natural ventilation mode. When a single window is opened, obvious indoor air convection exchange will be formed immediately, reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning in summer

Cartier door and window system

a variety of materials are selected to meet the personalized needs. The wood part adopts pure solid wood finger joint laminated timber, pure solid wood and thin wood composite, and two kinds of material design. Aluminum adopts high-precision 6063t5 national standard, and the spraying method and color can be customized according to personal preferences. Door and window handles are imported from Germany, with diversified color choices and matching interior decoration needs. Aluminum wood lattice strips and double R4 lattice strips inside the glass can be configured to meet the needs of architectural decoration

more advantages of Cartier doors and windows:

1. Unique structural design improves the visual effect of doors and windows while ensuring the performance level of doors and windows

2. Patented technology processing technology

3. Germany synchronization, experience high-end luxury quality

4. Health, safety, closer to life needs

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