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In the past, because there were not many brands in the wardrobe Market, enterprises could make considerable profits as long as they made a little effort. However, in recent years, with the increasingly fierce market competition and the competition of key brands, it is difficult for enterprises to find the past prosperity. Then, in the face of the continuous changes in the market, wardrobe enterprises are looking for solutions to open the road of transformation and upgrading. The transformation and upgrading of wardrobe enterprises is fundamental, and the whole house customized furniture brand Deville

the home furnishing industry gradually fell into the dilemma of overcapacity

insiders said that before 2005, China's home furnishing market was in great demand, and more than 90% of enterprises could make money. Products were sold quickly, and funds were returned quickly. However, such a good market environment has changed significantly since 2005. A large number of household enterprises surged into the industry, and the development of the real estate market was once depressed, so household enterprises fell into the dilemma of oversupply and overcapacity. With the continuous development of the market economy, this malpractice of the home furnishing industry is becoming more and more obvious, and some enterprises begin to face the crisis of bankruptcy

however, the current situation of home furnishing enterprises cannot be completely attributed to the market environment, including their own poor management, channel construction can not keep up, and high costs. Market development has its own laws. Only by eliminating unsuitable and backward enterprises and leaving elite and excellent enterprises can the overall level of the household industry show an upward trend. In this fierce background, the key for wardrobe enterprises is to maintain a sense of crisis and continuously improve their management level

wardrobe enterprises should speed up the transformation path to adapt to market development

the general environment is changing, and wardrobe enterprises should also change in the change. At present, transformation and upgrading has become a topic of constant discussion among wardrobe enterprises. On the one hand, wardrobe enterprises should strengthen their comprehensive strength, especially their R & D and innovation capabilities of products and services. In this oversupply market, without excellent products, we will lose the market; This excellence is not only reflected in product differentiation, personalization, quality, environmental protection and other aspects, but also in the efficiency of product research and development and the level of service. Only when enterprise product innovation always follows or leads the trend of the times, can it obtain greater service premium and profit space

on the other hand, wardrobe enterprises should constantly improve their brand operation awareness. In this era of product homogeneity, enterprises must establish brand awareness, brand strategy and brand promotion. Of course, the key to brand operation awareness is that enterprises should pay attention to the material value of products to the level of non-material value, constantly refine and improve the cultural value of products and enterprises, and let consumers become loyal fans of corporate brand culture, so as to impress customers with services and win the market

indeed, throughout the current wardrobe Market, most wardrobe enterprises only know how to sell products, but rarely think about how to accurately locate consumer groups. In short, only by truly grasping the needs of consumers in time and following their footsteps, can wardrobe enterprises avoid falling into the mire of traditional enterprises, and such transformation and change is no longer formalism

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