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In response to the "the Belt and Road" policy, in 2018, oslai wallcovering was officially launched on Alibaba's international platform, focusing on the development of the global market

"economic globalization" has provided us with opportunities and brought unprecedented benefits. China's economy is growing steadily and rapidly for this reason, which has both advantages and disadvantages. However, on the basis of the country's growing strength, economic globalization has brought us more advantages than disadvantages

in recent years, the country has promoted the "the Belt and Road" policy, which fully relies on the existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms between the country and relevant countries, relies on the existing and effective evidence of regional cooperation, borrows the historical symbols of the ancient Silk Road, actively develops economic cooperation partnerships with countries along the route, and jointly builds a community of interests, a community of destiny and a community of responsibility with political mutual trust, economic integration and cultural inclusion

therefore, in response to this national policy, oshilai wallcovering hopes to advance bravely in this battle of opportunities and challenges. In 2018, osley wallcovering was officially launched on Alibaba's international platform, focusing on the development of the global market

open the door to the international market

Alibaba's international platform can provide a full range of online services and tools such as store decoration, product display, marketing promotion, business negotiation and store management, which can not only reduce the operation cost of oshilai going global, but also improve the efficiency of developing the foreign trade market

since the official launch of Alibaba's international platform, the development process of oshilai abroad has also been relatively smooth. So far, through this international platform, oshilai wallcovering has made its products exported to more than 28 countries, loved by many foreign friends, and the export countries are still growing... In the environment of economic globalization, oshilai wallcovering believes that quality, brand, service, design, etc. are the keys to international trade

quality is the cornerstone

everyone knows that export products represent not only the quality of the company, but also a signboard. The import quality inspection requirements and safety standards of most countries in the world are higher than those in China. For example, plates can be qualified only if they reach E1 in China, while many foreign quality inspection requirements are qualified only if they reach E0 level

the products of oshilai wall cloth are carefully selected from high-quality materials, woven from plant fibers, and dyed evenly with high-quality environmental protection dyes to make the yarn bright and full in color, making the color of the woven wall cloth more in line with the original design draft and reducing the color difference; After 21 processes, the casting is of good quality, free of formaldehyde and other toxic substances, with PICC certification, which can meet foreign safety standards, and the quality is reliable

at the same time, oshilai wall cloth will also be equipped with QR code anti-counterfeiting labels on all wall cloth out of warehouse. A package corresponds to a QR code. After receiving the wall cloth, the customer can scrape off the coating and scan it with "anti-counterfeiting verification" through the "oshilai wall cloth" official account, so as to better identify oshilai wall cloth products and resist the "bad habits" of imitation of inferior/inferior products

pursue long-term development

now, oshilai wallcovering has achieved good results. It has won the title of "top ten brands in China's wallcovering industry" over the years, officially signed an international superstar Huang Shengyi, joined the "China Decoration Association" to become a "executive director unit", and has more than 800 stores in major provinces and cities across the country... Countless glorious times in the past, especially the official signing of Huang Shengyi as the brand image spokesperson After the launch of Alibaba's international platform, the development of oshilai wallcovering can no longer be compared with the same day, but oshilai wallcovering cannot only be proud of its immediate interests, but will pay more attention to long-term development and explore a broad foreign market

the long-term development requires the long-term vision of the company's leaders, but also takes quality as the cornerstone, condenses the strength of the whole team, and gives full play to the maximum potential of the team, so as to achieve sustainable and stable development. While developing internationally, oshilai wall fabric should also stabilize the domestic market, keep up with the trend of the times, uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, treat any market with the same mentality, and make every effort to provide better wall fabric for both markets. I believe that in the future, no matter how many difficulties it is, it will be difficult to hinder the pace of oshilai's progress





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