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Cicadas sing loudly, and the scorching sun roars. If the green shade is covered, it opens. Look, summer is coming "Summer is coming"

cicada songs are loud and clear, and the scorching sun is roaring

the green shade like a cover opens,

look, summer is coming

-- summer is coming

to the end of June

it is the season of summer in full swing

Hayao Miyazaki's films

Totoro and Chihiro

childhood summer memories will open

a bowl of cold mung bean sand

a squeaky fan

a wooden window through the sun

accompany me throughout the summer vacation

time flow, Summer is coming again.

drinking ice beer, witnessing the overturning of Argentina against the wind.

looking at the rain and sunshine outside the window, the indoor temperature is as usual.

the memory of summer is rewritten.

the irange doors and windows, with you spending a long summer.

with special profiles, Create a comfortable and quiet environment

both excellent water tightness and air tightness

enjoy a peaceful room in summer showers

ingenious design

create a beautiful and generous appearance

quality that can withstand scrutiny

benefit from the inheritance and innovation of the process

company and protection every day

can better reflect the professional

and consistent quality of irange.P> may your summer days be quiet

may The careful company of yimilanger

has become your eternal memory of summer

"about us

about us"

Foshan yimilanger doors and windows Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of architectural doors and windows and sunshine houses integrating R & D, production and sales. After years of development and innovation, the company has introduced a new marketing concept of "demand design production" in combination with the development trend of the European and American door and window industry while respecting the needs of customers. Now we mainly focus on titanium alloy sliding doors, heavy luxury sliding doors, folding doors, bridge broken aluminum doors and windows and other middle and high-end energy-saving doors and windows, and provide users with fashionable sunshine room products

the doors and windows produced by the company have passed the inspection of the National Bureau of quality supervision. The company takes the national gb/t8487 as the executive standard, and has established a standard operation and management system and a perfect quality mapping system to ensure the quality of products and commitment to customers. The products have various characteristics such as environmental protection, durability, safety, waterproof, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation. High quality aluminum and first-class surface treatment make its color and luster last forever and have a great decorative effect

irange, let you have the warmth of home

the company's products are sold at home and abroad, and its durability, reliability and safety have been recognized by the majority of consumers. It is the ideal choice for high-end villas, apartments, office buildings and residences




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