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Nowadays, many manufacturers in the market are still stuck in the probability of E1 and E2 plates. In order to protect the interests of consumers, we langmai Duoli wardrobe is a reassuring brand of conscience manufacturers and responsible for the health of consumers

1. E0 grade particle board, E1 grade MDF and solid wood multilayer board

(many news reports: all the flowers you bought withered in a few days, and your always healthy body has suffered from skin rash, low immunity, breast cancer and other diseases? Moving to a new house and living in a new house is really a happy thing... It's still because the environmental protection of the wardrobe board is not up to standard. There's a big problem with your health.) Do you still remember that the news of formaldehyde exceeding the standard reported in the news earlier is not to scare you. Formaldehyde, as the first killer of health, inadvertently lurks in your home. These are those bad manufacturers who do not hesitate to use some low-quality boards to make furniture for the base material in order to earn high profits, cheating consumers

nowadays, many manufacturers in the market are still stuck in the probability of E1 and E2 grade plates. In order to protect the interests of consumers, we langmaiduoli wardrobe, as a conscience manufacturer's reassuring brand, are responsible for the health of consumers. Using the most environmentally friendly plates as the base material is absolutely a reassuring choice for you. Real gold is not afraid of fire. You can take our plates to a special organization for inspection

2. The price is transparent, and there is no non-standard and special-shaped parts

the price is affordable and cost-effective. There is no non-standard and special-shaped parts, including hardware, framework, etc

nowadays, many manufacturers play low-cost cards to attract customers to disrupt the market, but once you join them or decide to cooperate, all kinds of troubles will come. For example, if you don't make standard cabinets, you will charge non-standard fees for making some special cabinets. If you have special-shaped and curved plates, you will have to add your special-shaped fees. If you make a cabinet, you won't include hardware accessories, hardware will have to add fees, and if you ship and order a wooden frame, you will have to add the fees of a fixed frame, and so on All kinds of unexpected expenses. We, langmai Duoli, have a transparent quotation system without non-standard and special-shaped fees

3. Wardrobe sliding door products are complete

our company has rich sliding door styles, providing many choices for the same color matching

4. Trial assembly, photography, inspection and three-level quality inspection before shipment

the error rate has always been a pain in the customized home furnishing industry, both large and small brands. Relatively speaking, the error rate of big brands will be higher. Our factory has always been to ensure 100% trial assembly - photography, minimize the product error rate, and occasionally repair the board. Our factory can also ensure that the board can be repaired quickly within 2-3 days

5. The delivery cycle is stable, making your goods rotate

are you still having a headache? The order has been placed for more than a month, but the goods have not come out yet? Many manufacturers are like this, which greatly reduces their brand image in terms of delivery time. We will deliver goods on time within 15-20 days to ensure on-time delivery

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